2 Replies to “Wright News – January 2021”

  1. How exciting!!!! Are there a lot of things to do there? Wonder if I need to take a roadtrip and help you for a week or so?

    1. Hi there! We have no pregnant girls here because there are no house parents but you are welcome to come help us paint rooms – and the like! That’s mainly what we are doing right now – and hoping/praying for donations so we can buy some linens, lamps & the like. We are giving it a facelift & updating it for a new season. I really enjoy doing this. Larry had back surgery yesterday – unexpected but such a gift, as he was really in pain. It will be a 6 week recovery so he can’t do the repairs he would have like to do. Still, he can do small projects where he won’t have to lift anything. Let me know if you want to come & I will get permission for you to stay with us! Woo-hoo! That would be great.

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