The Brook…
A babbling that never stops as it ripples and rushes over rocks
It creates a cheery chatter filled with laughter
Like children being tickled by their father
The brook – a pure and simple joy

The Spring…
Welling up from within like maturity with wisdom
It pours forth with a deep and hidden force
When streams run dry it is a faithful source
The spring – a sure and steady supply

The Lake…
Its lazy lapping along the beach brings a feeling of peace
Cottage lights serenely beam through the night
Like mirrored glass illumined twice
The lake – a calm and quiet reservoir

The Sea…
Crashing thunderously on the shore in the fury of a storm
It awes us with its relentless roar
Wild waves surging, foaming and frothing
The sea – an unbroken, unharnessed power

Joy, faithfulness, peace and power manifested in forms of water
From the canvas of creation each is fashioned
With no need to feel threatened; there’s no jealous competition
Simply being what they are – God’s living art

Though completely different, contrasting and divergent, herein their priceless value lies
And they whisper words of wisdom to the wise:
Your individual story radiates His glory
So be genuine and true – be you

Whether calm or strong or kind, you’re designed to shine
His multifaceted nature, showing forth His grandeur
As a one-of-a-kind treasure, touching the heart of The Father
Bringing Him pleasure”

“For we are God’s masterpiece…” Eph.2:10

“God has carefully designed each member and placed it in the body to function as He desires.” 1 Cor.12:18

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