The Sacred Romance

The following poem is the result of my meditation on Psalm 45 – a wedding song. Although written for an earthly king, it clearly also refers to Jesus, our King.

My heart is stirred by a noble theme so I recite these verses for my King…

Supreme above all men, blessed by God in heaven
You’re crowned in splendor, clothed in majesty
Your words are full of grace & joy lights up your face
As you come to claim your glorious Bride-to-be

Your robe is dipped in blood, a suffering of love
The act of one heroic sacrifice
You bore the judgment she would face by dying in her place
Then conquered death by coming back to life

Ride forth, O mighty One, in majesty ride on
For truth and justice and humility
Gird your sword upon your side, O Lover of The Bride
Let your right hand display your awesome deeds

You war against injustice, you fight for what is righteous
Your adversaries fall beneath your feet
Arrows pierce their hearts like a thousand poison darts
As the Word of God prevails triumphantly

How magnificent this King, glorious in strength
The crowns upon His head declare His worth
With justice as His scepter He sits enthroned forever
King of kings and Lord of all the earth

Now excitement fills the air as a wedding is prepared
The palace is adorned with ivory
The music of the strings brings gladness to The King
He turns His gaze upon His Bride-to-be

He’s ravished by her beauty, she’s radiant in glory
Her wedding gown’s embroidered with pure gold
She holds her head up high, this pure and spotless Bride
With eyes fixed on the Lover of her soul

Now listen to me daughter, bring your Bridegroom honor
Bow before the One who is your Lord
Leave your past behind, forget your former life
And stand beside the One whom you adore

In joyous celebration lead the grand procession
Let the lovely maidens follow you
With jubilee & gladness enter the King’s palace
To unite with your beloved Bridegroom

Now the wine is flowing freely, the wedding feast is ready
The aroma of The Lamb fills the room
Lavish gifts are given by noble men & women
In honor of the union of these two

Their many sons & daughters will bring their Father honor
Reflecting Him in beauty & in grace
And from every generation will come healing for the nations
As they join Him in His rule & His reign

So let all the singers sing the wonders of this King
Let all the dancers dance ecstatically
For the Lamb who gave His life is now reigning with His Bride
Together…for all Eternity

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